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10-Apr-2016 07:32

Though Pastrana announced the visit on his Twitter account, neither he nor Uribe offered any details about the event.

Both former leaders oppose Bogota's ongoing attempt to demobilize the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country's largest and longest-running insurgency, and their trip to Florida comes just ahead of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' own meeting with Trump in May.

The need for privacy shaped the technology and every decision was made with this need in mind. Pete is aimed at men living with HIV who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

Meanwhile, Dale is tailored toward same-sex attracted men living in a heterosexual relationship or lifestyle (commonly known as ‘gay and married men’) who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

GAMMA estimates that 70% of its members have experienced anxiety and depression.

The need for privacy and anonymity ruled out all ready-made forums and the community tools needed to be reimagined and built from scratch.Uribe also criticized Bogota's decision to move forward with the FARC peace accord even after losing a popular referendum on the matter.He pointed to the FARC's reluctance to hand over weapons and use of child soldiers as reasons why Colombia should not strike a bargain with the rebels.The core requirement for the communities was simple: complete privacy. Building an online forum without collecting any personal details whatsoever was an unprecedented challenge for us.

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After listing the core requirements (Articles, Discussion Forum and Live Chat) and identifying how these 3 components worked together, we were able to build wireframes and low fidelity prototypes.Colombia's one-time leaders have appealed to the United States to weigh in on Bogota's policies before.