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Please continue all discussion and questions about the existing education plan to Education Plan FAQs.Other discussion around the credit card requirement that are not related to the education plan may continue here. Hello, i have just tried to make an account on cloud9 to try it out.This would be excessive and could mean sharing a file online would lead to a greater custodial sentence than physical theft.The Government is going to force everyone to register to use porn sites.Problems with this system include the ease at which a child may get access to (for example) their parents credit cards, defeating the stated purpose of the system, and that it is easy to use a fake script to defraud users into divulging their credit card number to an individual to use for their own purposes.If you just need a bunch of numbers use the online credit card number generator.Python, Java, C#, PHP and Javascript programs to generate valid credit card numbers (MOD 10). This generates VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and a whole bunch of others.

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The body would be able to alert credit card companies, even if the websites themselves didn’t cooperate.Note: This will only be useful to you if you know how to run a program in Python, Java, C#, PHP or Javascript.

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