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14-Nov-2016 21:56

Business mailers are provided more detailed information about USPS mail processing facilities, and the operating status of postal delivery units.Due to transportation changes currently underway, the Postal Service advises that customers may experience longer than usual delivery times for mail service to Cuba.The USPS has recently implemented new layouts for Forms PS-2976, PS-2976-A and PS-2976-B and the software has been updated to reflect these changes. Sending out invoices or mass mailings has never been faster.Your customers want tracking data and they want it now. USPS Tracking Numbers are now updated in your ODBC database 50% faster than before!The Postal Service is working to resolve these transportation issues as quickly as possible to restore normal service expectations for mail and packages to Cuba.(posted 3/14/17) Most mail services to Guatemala have been temporarily suspended.Whatever reason you have a problem with USPS share with Is Down Right Now. Mail service, the main issues that will impact users the most would be a outage and of course mail or packages getting lost or not turning up for delivery when they were supposed to, and if this happens we want to know about it.The USPS (United States Postal Service) now has over 617,000 workers with over 211,000 vehicles working to get you delivery to you. Complaints in the past have included a few customers saying they would use UPS rather than USPS because things do not get delivered when they are supposed to.

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However, it does not display shipping rates to customers during checkout on your site. This allow us to make requests on your behalf for label printing and balance top-ups.

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