Top 10 most intimidating athletes

04-Jun-2016 19:39

You would never guess that he's ripped by looking at him with his uniform on, but he was even featured in ESPN Magazine's body issue.

Dwight Howard is as wide from shoulder to should as they come. Not only is he seven feet tall, he's also ripped and just plain old huge -- and he plays like it on the court.

13 things to know about Sydney Mc Laughlin Think about it: How many high school athletes, when asked what they're most proud of from their four-year career, can answer with "probably making it to the Olympics? My coach (Mike Mc Cabe) had talked about it from freshman year but I just laughed at it.

Being successful in the NBA is about athleticism, leaping ability and of course, skills – both on offense and defense – but there are a lot of extra things that could definitely give you a boost, and one of them is strength, as that really provides a great advantage over opposing players to gain and maintain position or to finish their shots through contact.

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Unlike Wednesday night, Fifth Avenue remained open.

The NBA has never seen a physical specimen like Le Bron James take the court.