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28-Nov-2016 16:40

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I have been assigned Lime survey quite recently and I have hit a snag while validating text questions. Later on, however, I noticed that respondents can skip this through A12345[starting with alphabet and then switching to numeric).

I want my text questions to accept ONLY textual response . Ideally the validation should not allow the numeric expression AT ALL. Since this is my fist ever post to any forum so I didn't know the protocols.

Without your help we can't keep this project alive. I can not navigate to next page without answering to this question.

Hello, I am new to Limesurvey and thank you for this awesome software. This is another java script that I found in this forum.

The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. It then takes information from the current record in the app, populates fields on each of the web pages, and them submits the forms.

I have attempted multiple things to get this into the page and even started to just rewrite it as an web form, but even then I can't reuse any of the code since the System. We are then able to look at the resulting web pages and quickly get the info we're looking for. Web form with 20 Text fields and 3 images and an upload Hi I have to show user 20 Text fields, 3 image uploads and one tool upload facility.

validating a text field-69

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So did I,this morning when I escaped my own perfect logic i.e.([A-Z][a-z]*) I have started another string with the similar question(not realizing my previous string is still open) and now my post has been locked and I am being told that I need to close this string first. Right now if I enter 123 in "Name of respondent" field it gets accepted. I have posted the same question in many open discussions. This is my first ever post to any forum, please help. I have used ([A-Z][a-z]*) to validate my text fields.Conversely, if all fields pass validation, the button will automatically become enabled.

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Hello :) I am newbe in Jira (5.2) and I would like to add custom field to my screen. But unfortunately I can not find a way to adapt this script for multiple array questions. But as I can see that there is no validation for particular option box.